Surprising! Parenting myths that a lot of moms and dads still believe

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A lot of parents have snippets of advice that they like sharing with other moms and dads. However, are these really sound advice or are they just myths?

A lot of parents look to their fellow parents or their elders for parenting advice. However, in this day and age, how can you be sure that the advice that they’re sharing really is sound advice?

Here are some surprising parenting myths that most parents still believe:

1. Your kids always have to be happy

While keeping your kids happy is indeed important, teaching your child feel the full range of emotions is much more important as it makes for a richer and less monochromatic life.

There’s also the added benefit that your child will better know how to handle real-life situations when they feel sad, angry, frustrated, etc.

Keep your kids happy, but don’t make it your only priority.

2. Always saying yes to your kids

Giving your kids limits makes them understand the consequences of their actions as well as gives them a taste of how things happen in the real world.

Don’t let other people judge you just because you didn’t let your child join the field trip because he did something wrong. Setting limits is a very important thing that you should teach your kids early on, and it’s important that your kids know how to both follow and respect the rules.

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