Nanny Caught Renting Out Baby to Beggars

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Nanny in India rented out a baby to a beggar gang for about S$3 per day.

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Be cautious about who looks after your child!

Do you really know the background of the person who is caring for your child? A recent incident in India should make parents more cautious when hiring nannies for their kids.

A nanny in India was caught renting out a baby, that she was caring for, to a beggar gang. The Telegraph reports that as soon as the baby’s mother left home for work, the nanny dressed the baby in rags and handed it to beggarsand they used the baby as a prop to earn the sympathy of motorists. What’s worse is that the child was drugged so that he would appear more convincing!

It is interesting that while the baby “worked” in the streets, the nanny watched soaps on television while eating the family’s food supply. The nanny’s “side business” was only discovered when the baby’s mother came home from work early one day and saw the nanny comfortably sitting on the sofa without the baby. The nanny revealed that she let the beggar gang “borrow” the baby for 100 rupees (about S$3) per day.

Who would’ve have thought that nannies could actually do something like this? The worst thing that I’ve ever seen a nanny do was to let a child eat something that already fell to the floor and thought that was terrible. But renting out kids to beggars, that just takes the cake, doesn’t it?

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