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It isn't snoring that's keeping Singaporeans awake at night but nasal congestion!

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Surprisingly enough, it isn’t snoring that’s keeping Singaporeans awake at night but nasal congestion!

According to a survey conducted by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Consumer Healthcare, 64% of respondents cited a blocked nose for their interrupted sleep, while only 33% claimed to have been kept awake by their own snoring.

The survey which was conducted in December 2008 also found that snorers are less likely to seek remedies for their sleep loss, with only 22% feeling that they had to alleviate their snoring, whereas 79% of those suffering from a stuffy nose believed in seeking immediate relief.

According to Dr Leong Jern-Lin, Director & Consultant Ear Nose Throat Surgeon (ASCENT Ear Nose Throat Specialist Group) at Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, “In any given month, close to four in 10 Singaporeans suffer from cold and flu ailments that often result in nasal congestion,” He added that “with the spread of the seasonal flu and the H1N1 virus, only a handful would have escaped from developing any cold or flu-like symptoms.”

Those with allergies, sinus and other nasal conditions are also not spared from this inconvenience. According to Dr Leong, “People who are sensitive to changes in the environment, like the haze, may also find their breathing impeded during these times.”

Drug Free Treatments for Nasal Congestion

Their are various Drug free methods for relieving nasal congestions. Some of the popular ones are-

Drink Plenty of Fluids

Keeping hydrated helps the body in expelling the irritant and clear the congestion. Water, fruit juice and teas are usually recommended by medical experts. It’s best to also avoid substances causing dehydration – like caffeine.

Increase Air Moisture

Increasing air moisture with a humidifier, steam bath or hot shower usually helps relieve nasal congestions.

Nasal Strips

Nasal strips like Breathe Right by GSK are flexible and “spring-like” adhesive bands placed across the bridge of the nose. The bands lift the sides of the nose by opening nasal passages so a person can breathe most effectively through their nose and close their mouth while getting a better night’s sleep.

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