Great news! The national museum planetarium extends the period of free admission

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If you haven't checked out the free shows at the new and improved National Planetarium in Manila, don't worry! You still have until the end of May!

If you haven't checked out the free shows at the new and improved National Planetarium in Manila, don't worry! You still have until the end of May!

In celebration of Heritage Month, The National Museum of the Philippines shared the happy news on their official Facebook page.

The much anticipated renovated planetarium opened its doors on March 24, 2017. It boasted a hybrid full dome projection system, which is the first of its kind in Asia.

Shows run from Tuesdays to Sundays; their schedules are as follows:

Tuesday to Saturday

1st show: 9:00 am - A Planet for Goldilocks
2nd show: 10:30 am - Hayabusa Back to the Earth
3rd show: 1:00 pm - A Planet for Goldilocks
4th show: 2:30 pm - Journey to a Billion Suns
5th show: 4:00 pm - Hayabusa Back to the Earth


1st show: 10:00 am - Journey to a Billion Suns
2nd show: 2:00 pm - Hayabusa Back to the Earth

As of July 2016, entrance to the National Museum has been declared permanently free of charge. Who knows, the planetarium could soon follow in their footsteps.

Why should you take your family to the Manila Planetarium?

This newly improved facility offers a chance for kids--and parents, alike--to experience astronomy in an unforgettable way. It immerses you in an interactive experience, which will teach you the vastness of space, the complexities of constellations, and the many other fascinating facets of the universe. Kids of all ages will appreciate the breathtaking visuals as well as learning about astronomy.

Even parents can learn new things. 73-year-old Antonio Porcioncula, a first time visitor to the planetarium, shared with ABS-CBN news that he learned new things and that the planetarium is not just for kids.

The National Museum's chief administrative officer Ma. Belen Pabunan stressed the need to nurture a love for astronomy in today's youth, especially girls. According to her, there are only four female astronomers in the Philippines. She believes parents should encourage their child's fascination in stars, galaxies, and astronomy.

"Kung pupunta sila dito, more educational, ito ang hinahanap ng mga bata," she told ABS-CBN news. "Parang part of the classroom lessons, dito na rin nila makikita ang kasagutan sa mga tanong ng mga teachers nila sa astronomy and general science."

For more information, call 527-7889 or visit the National Museum's official website.

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