Netizen discovers fake ‘rice’ made of plastic!

In a shocking video, netizen Cherrylyn Gecale discovers that the rice they purchased wasn't rice at all, but in fact was made of plastic!

Netizen Rafael Furo Franco thought that he and his family were never going to be victims of the supposed 'fake' rice that's being sold throughout the country as imported rice.

However, he was shocked when he saw that the rice he bought for his family had plastic-like properties when cooled, and even bounced after he balled it up and threw it on the floor.

They have been eating it for weeks

According to Mr. Franco, their family has been eating the fake rice for weeks, and they didn't immediately notice that the rice was fake until he saw a video on social media, and then tried doing the same thing to the rice that they had purchased.

Mr. Franco took some of the rice, and let it cool a bit in front of a fan, and then balled up the cold rice. He tried throwing the ball of rice on the floor, and was surprised when he saw it bounce instead of break up, and it also made a "thud" sound when it hit the floor.

That's when they realized that they have been duped with fake rice.

How do you spot fake rice?

In it's raw form, fake rice is almost indistinguishable from real rice. However, once it's cooked, you'll start to see that fake rice tends to break up more, and looks almost like styrofoam once it's cold.

It also doesn't stick to your hands like normal rice does.

If you have purchased fake rice, immediately report the incident to the local DTI so that they can conduct further investigation regarding the fake rice. As always, if rice seems to cheap for the price, there might be something wrong with it, so don't be blinded by a seemingly good deal.

Watch the video below:


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