7 Ways new dads can help out new moms

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Did your partner just give birth? Here's how you can help her

Hey new dads! First of all, congratulations! Some of you may be jumping into fatherhood head-first—you’ve done your research, you know how to change a diaper, and you’re only here to make sure that you’ve got all bases covered. If so, good on you!

However, some of you may be feeling a little lost right now. And that’s fine—you’re not alone, so don’t get down on yourself. Now’s a good a time as any to get started on figuring out what’s up with this whole fatherhood deal.

Your partner needs your support now more than ever. Here’s how to do just that.

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1. Feed her

If your partner is breastfeeding your child, she’s going to need a lot of extra nutrition. And if she isn’t, she could really use the help anyway, as looking after a newborn isn’t a joke. Make sure she eats regular healthy meals. You could even try feeding her foods that could boost her mood and help her treat you a little more nicely! (Postpartum nutrition: Fight the “baby blues” with these tips)

2. Let her sleep

Today’s Parent makes an excellent point when it tells dads that if their partner gets up in the middle of the night to feed the baby, they should be the ones in charge of early morning feedings. 

3. Support her while breastfeeding

This could mean plumping up the cushions to make sure that she’s comfortable, bringing her a glass of water, snacks, the remote control, basically anything she asks for. She’s feeding your child with her body, so treating her like royalty is just what she deserves. (8 Ways new dads can support breastfeeding moms)

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