New mom Chynna Ortaleza opens up about parenting: “My being is full of love”

New mom Chynna Ortaleza opens up about parenting: “My being is full of love”

In an interview with theAsianparent, the 33-year old actress reveals why she prefers to keep her motherhood journey “sacred” and what she’s most looking forward to as a first time mom

It’s been six months since low-key celebrity couple Chynna Ortaleza and Kean Cipriano tied the knot in an intimate ceremony. They announced the happy news through social media and has since been one of the most elusive couples, further intriguing their fans and followers.

In an interview with theAsianparent, the new mom confirmed that she has given birth to her first child. Read on as she opens up about her motherhood journey—with all the triumphs and struggles—so far.

What motivates your decision to keep things private?

I think the more apt word is "sacred". There are really some moments in my personal life that I want to cherish with my loved ones. I've always been this kind of human being. I am lucky that my husband and I share the same beliefs.

Stellar is such a cool name choice. What inspired it?

Incubus is our favorite band, and their song Stellar is special for us. Kean brought up the idea of naming our baby Stellar and I knew right then that it was the perfect name!

What excites you most about being a mom?

Seeing my daughter go through life and being there to nurture, love and care for her through every milestone. Lots of things! It's the simple things that make me giddy. All I know is at this moment my being is full of love. The truest and purest kind! I am excited to give this beautiful energy to my daughter and my husband and see them grow in it.

Motherhood: All love ends and begins here. Today is a special day for all the beautiful Mothers out there. I am blessed to be celebrating my first Mother's day with my ever supportive and loving husband and family. These past months I was gifted with a role of a lifetime and I have been savoring every single day, recording each moment, making sure that everything is ingrained in memory. Preparing for my baby's arrival was such a rewarding experience. I am grateful to all fellow Mom's who helped me along the way. Recently our family was rewarded with a beautiful gift of posterity. We only have one chance to secure our baby's cord blood & umbilical cord lining. And if you ask me there is only one choice when it comes to entrusting these life saving stem cells. Thank you @cordlifephilippines for helping me make a "life" decision for our baby. For soon to be moms & dads you can read about cord blood & umbilical cord lining banking at or you can also comment below and we will try to answer your questions. #cordlife #cordlifephilippines #cordlifemoms Happy Mother's Day Beautiful! ✨ Photography: @thenthjow #teamjaja Make Up: @dinolazaro Hair: @markbaquiran Styling: @john_paul_dizon Assisted by: @guiller_alapan

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As a first time mom, did you ever encounter any anxiety about labor or delivery?

I have learned that you need to learn how to walk side by side with worry. You need to calm down and have a decent conversation with the bugger. Don't let this beast get the best of you. I think the best way to keep calm is to be vocal about your worries with your husband, family and friends. It also helps that you keep a close relationship with your doctor. My OB, Dra. Sally Macapagal was so amazing. We could have not done it without her support! She was always reassuring and kept communication lines open and that to me is a major plus. Plus the most powerful weapon is Prayer. You will have the loveliest conversations with God during this time.

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What kind of mom do you think you will you be?

I am asking the Lord to help me become the parent that He wants me to be. I understand that I am very lucky to be chosen to take care and guide His daughter. I do hope that I will be the best mom to my daughter. I want to be her best friend this I know for sure!

Do you plan to breastfeed? Why or why not?

I am all for breastfeeding. I educated myself and managed my expectations by attending seminars. I also had a good lactation nurse! Joyce Martinez helps a lot of breastfeeding moms and she also supported me while I was still breastfeeding Stellar. However, I had to resort to mix feeding for sometime because my daughter was not growing. She was underweight and it took three pediatricians to convince that I had to supplement. Lesson learned is to not be too hard on yourself when things don’t go as planned and to always keep your mind open. I now go by my gut and make decisions based on my daughters progress. If she is happy and smiling then I’m taking that course.

Did you experience postpartum blues?

Yes, I still am. You never know when it’s going to hit—at least in my case. Before I gave birth, I already told my husband about what to prepare for postpartum. He took it upon himself to research about it. So when the baby blues started to hit without me knowing he was there to prop me up.

Happy Happy Joy Joy ❤️ Captured by @ritzmarie

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How did you handle it?

My mother, who also went through it as a young mom was very honest and patient with me. Plus my best friend was very supportive too. She was very reassuring. I am actually blessed to have a solid support system. This helps me keep my head above the water. This is probably key to getting past your baby blues. If there is some things that need to be talked about it its this. Some moms are scared to open up about postpartum blues. The first month is not easy but honestly it will get better. When you are stuck in a sad place and don’t know, just allow yourself to feel it. Accept the state youre in. Express it and most importantly pray about it

How about Kean, what kind of dad do you think he'll be?

Kean is a hands- on father. My husband has a kind heart and a gentle soul. He makes me & so many people happy effortlessly. I am sure that he will teach my daughter how to laugh & love through life and this is to me is most important. I am so thankful that he is my life partner.

Do you plan on taking on less showbiz projects now that you’re a mom?

That is a reality that I have to accept because I have a child to raise and she comes first. Though I will still make time for my passion. I won't be able maintain a full calendar like before, but there is and will always be time for my craft.

Which celebrity moms do you admire and wish to emulate?

All I can say is I have high respect and wish to emulate women who have to courage to embrace and become a mother. It is the most challenging yet beautiful things in the world. If there is any one I look up to as a Mother its my very own Mama. She is my guiding light.

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