Shocking! Newborn thrown out of window by teen mother

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She was said to have posted a status on Facebook less than an hour before giving birth, saying "Who can do me a huge favor and has a car?"

For a parent, having a child is an amazing life changing experience. However, a teen in Nebraska thought otherwise.

She gave birth to a premature baby

According to police reports, Antonia Lopez, 16-years-old, had gone into labor in her bedroom and then gave birth to a premature baby. She also allegedly threw the newborn out of a second-story window and then informed her mother of what happened.

She was said to have posted a status on Facebook less than an hour before giving birth, saying “Who can do me a huge favor and has a car?”

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Source: Daily Mail

Antonia’s mother immediately went outside and found the infant lying in the grass. She then called 911, and performed CPR on the newborn while waiting for paramedics.

Sadly, the newborn was declared dead upon arriving at the hospital. Antonia was also taken to the hospital for a medical evaluation.

Investigations show that Antonia had posted a status on Facebook back in January, holding a doll for what looked to be a school assignment. She added the caption “This thing is so annoying” on her post.

The mother is currently facing one count of child abuse, resulting in death, which is considered a felony.

Young mothers need our support

While we don’t really know the complete story behind what happened, we can at least be sure that being a mother is never easy, most especially if you’re a young mother.

It’s important that we don’t judge anyone for the choices that they make in life, most especially if it’s a teenager that got pregnant. The last thing they need is more judgement from parents; they need emotional support to feel like you’ve got their back. We also need to understand how it is to be put into a position wherein you suddenly have to be responsible for the life of a child.

On the other hand, if you’re a young mom then you shouldn’t feel that you’re alone in the world. There are a lot of support groups and organizations that are willing to extend a hand to help out young mothers move on with their lives. The most important thing is to make sure that the child is born healthy and into a loving family.

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