NICU nurse receives touching surprise from former patients and families

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Kleenex Brand surprised this NICU nurse with the thanks and praise she deserves for her miraculous work

Babies being born happy and healthy is a blessing that many families are lucky to receive. Just ask the parents of any baby that was admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Newborns who have been to the NICU are fighters from day one, and they have had to fight to survive since before they can even remember. From the minute they are checked into the NICU, they are exposed to countless types of medicine and procedures as they struggle to survive. They’re fates are literally on the line, and the newborns that survive are lucky to make it out alive.

It’s an overwhelmingly tragic circumstance for a newborn infant, but thankfully they are in the care of some of the bravest nurses in the world. Nurses courageous enough to work in the NICU are exposed to some of the most tragic stories and circumstances in the medical world. While they have such a tremendous and overbearing job at times, they are more than honored to serve these unfortunate infants and their families.

In an effort to show that their work is never forgotten, Kleenex Brand worked to ensure that these nurses are properly recognized for their passionate, brave, and miraculous work.

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Here we see Nurse Renee taking care of one of the many infants she has helped through the years.


These families surprised Renee with a visit and tribute that brought her to tears.

These families surprised Renee with a visit and tribute that brought her to tears.

In a video tribute called “Tiny Miracles”, Kleenex Brand shocked one NICU nurse with a surprise visit from some of the NICU patients she was able to help in their time of need. The beautiful video (available below) is truly a heartwarming tribute to these courageous, miracle working men and women who make a difference in so many people’s lives.

You can view the beautiful and touching video below:


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