Noche Buena menus for under P500, P800 and P1,000!

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Haven't planned for Noche Buena, yet? No problem. We've got Noche Buena menus for families who like good food but have limited budgets. Take your pick!

Is money tight this Christmas?  Don’t worry.  You can still have delicious dishes for Noche Buena with these simple but savory Noche Buena menus.

Happy cooking and bon appétit!

Noche Buena

Family and delicious food make Noche Buena extra special.


Noche Buena menus:

Cost: Php500 or less

Menu 1

Fried chicken
Garlic bread

1 kilo SM Bonus (loose) chicken thigh (Php150.00)
Cooking oil (Php30.00)
El Real 1 kilo pasta + 1 kilo spaghetti sauce Christmas pack (Php105.00)
Betty’s garlic bread (Php65.00)
Magnolia Cheezee  185 g (Php41.00)
1 pack kiat-kiat 900 g (Php90.00)

Total cost                                                      =     Php481.00

Menu 2

Chicken salpicao with mashed potatoes
Garlic bread

¾  kilo chicken breast fillet (Php145.00)
¾  kilo potatoes (Php60.00)
Garlic (Php35.00)
Maggi Savor Classic (Php30.00)
Dari Crème (stick) (Php26.00)
Alaska Crema (Php41.00)
Betty’s garlic bread (Php65.00)
ponkan (8-10 pieces) (Php90.00)

Total cost                             =      Php492.00


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