Nurturing a Gifted Child

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Nurturing a Gifted Child: Here are some fun tips that you can follow when trying to nurture your gifted child without being too academic at a young age.

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Nurturing a Gifted Child

Parents usually feel proud when their child shows signs of giftedness or is actually diagnosed by an expert. Many, however, feel at a loss on how they can effectively nurture their child’s abilities without trampling on their childhood. Below are some simple steps that you can do to nurture your gifted child.

Provide challenging toys and books

Challenge your child’s abilities with toys and games that will stimulate his interests and enhance his thinking, problem-solving, and creative skills. Since gifted children can usually comprehend beyond their years, you should also provide your child with books that are interesting and thought provoking.

Interact with your child

Interact with your child. Ask him questions about what he feels and thinks. If he has questions, answer him to the best of your knowledge. Likewise, spend time to play with him, for it is during these times of play that get a glimpse of how he thinks.

Send your child to a gifted program

Providing challenging toys and books at home might not be enough. Sending your child to a special event or activity with children who have the same talent may help improve his own abilities. Summer camps or programs for singing, dancing, acting, drawing, or painting are examples.

Allow your child to play and interact with his peers

Gifted children should not just focus on enhancing their abilities. You should also encourage your child to play with his peers. In playing with others, gifted children learn social skills and they are able to progress in their emotional development to maintain a balance in their lives.

Expose your child to new ideas, activities and experiences

While it may be good for your gifted child to excel in the area of his interest, it is also best to encourage him to try out new things. Let your child explore music, visual arts, performing arts, sports, and many more. In this way, he is able to enrich his other talents and discover what else he is good at.

Do not expect or demand too much from your child

Once you have seen your child’s capacity to perform at his best, remember not to set your expectations too high. When he performs at a level that is lower than what is expected, like a low score in an exam or a low grade, he might become frustrated that he was not able to meet your expectations. Motivate him to excel, but do not demand excellence every time. No matter how smart or talented they are, gifted children still need their parents’ guidance to channel their energies to worthwhile activities and nurture their abilities.

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