Harsh parenting could be making your child obese

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Studies have found a link between harsh parenting and obesity

A new study published in the Journal of Adolescent health has found that food insecurity and harsh parenting may lead to obesity in young women. The study conducted by the Iowa State University found that the risk of obesity was higher in women who were deprived of healthy food and were exposed to harsh parenting, what the authors of the study described as “hostile or aversive physical contact; punishment in response to misbehavior; or angry, critical, or disapproving behavior.”

“The stress hormones are increasing—which is then changing their metabolic rate and behaviors over time.”

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“In particular, for the females, there’s something between the stressful reaction of harsh parenting and not having the nutritional food,” said Brenda Lohman, professor in human development and family studies and the study’s lead author. “We can only hypothesize right now that there’s something going on metabolically in their bodies, that the stress hormones are increasing—which is then changing their metabolic rate, their behaviors, or both over time.”

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