The importance of the occasional kid-free vacation

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What do you think about the idea of a romantic getaway without the kids? Agree or disagree?

Okay, let's preface this little discussion with this: your kids are unequivocally the center of your universe. That's just the way parents operate and they're better off for it.

That said, sometimes there's nothing wrong with moms and dads taking the occasional kid-free vacation to explore their relationship all over again, recharge, or just have stress-free vacation!

occasional kid-free vacation

As you've probably come to find out, the laundry-list of responsibilities that come with being a parent can be a little overbearing at times. Especially if you're a working mom/dad. You work all day, and then come home only to exert yourself even more in order to maintain balance in the household and, a loving family.

That's why--as much as you may love a fun little family vacation--nothing is quite as revitalizing as a getaway with your husband or wife. It could even be for only a weekend! Either way, you'll see that the quality time spent with your S.O. will strengthen your relationship, and even strengthen your parenting skills.

Recently, the editors of Parenting shared a post that covers the topic of traveling without the kiddos. While the very topic of unloading the kids with the in-laws, or grandparents and going off on an adventure with your spouse may rub some readers the wrong way, the fact of the matter is that you deserve the break, and it's actually very important for marriages (and your whole family by extension).

Check out the essay, and let us know if you agree with the rather divisive concept of the occasional kid-fee vacation:

One of the biggest perks of vacationing without your kids is that the stuff that seems torturous when you're on the road with them can be positively enjoyable when it's just the two of you. Driving in a car à deux? Relaxing! Waiting in a long security line without any whiners? OK, still kind of tedious, but not nearly as bad! I would have been satisfied just flying solo across the country with an Us Weekly and a plastic cup of wine. The fact that I got to deplane in California and explore the vineyards of Sonoma with my beloved-but-kinda-neglected husband? Well, that was just the chardonnay-flavored cherry on top.

Nick and I had both been working long hours, and our children—Alex, 5, and Nora, 3—are, well, children, so we definitely needed a break. I surprised Nick with a wine-country getaway for his birthday. His mom came to watch our kids and was more excited about spending four days with them than we were about spending four days without them. Since she basically lets them eat doughnuts before and after every meal, the kids were also thrilled when we told them the plan. It was a win-win-win.


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