Why it’s okay for your kids to see you leave the house (even if they cry)

Instead of trying to sneak away from your kid everytime you leave the house, it's actually better for them to know that you're leaving!

No need to hide from your child

For parents who need to go to work, or for those who need to leave their child at home for a bit (with a guardian of course!), the usual tactic would be to sneak out of the house, and try to avoid their kids undetected so that their children won’t have to see them leave, and start a fit of crying.

However, it’s actually better if your kids are able to see you leave the house, instead of sneaking out.

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It’s all about letting your kids understand what’s happening

Children are particularly anxious about their parents leaving because their parents are the number 1 source of their safety and security. Therefore, seeing their parents leave can be a really scary experience!

Hiding from your child on the other hand, can mistakenly make them think that every time they can’t see you, it means that you’re away from the house. Which means that even if you’re at home, and you leave their sights even for just a moment, it might cause them to think that you’ve already abandoned them.

Which is why instead of trying to sneak out undetected, it’s better to talk to your child and tell them you’ll be gone for a while, but you’ll be back for them. The important thing is reassuring them that you’re not abandoning them. That way, they won’t feel anxious or scared without your presence.

It always depends on their age

As always, you need to take different approaches depending on your child’s age. It’d be hard to explain something if your child is only a few months old, so it’s fine to just show them that you’re leaving, and then come back.

But as much as possible, it’s still best to explain things to them (even if they don’t completely understand yet) so that in time, they’ll get used to it, and not cry each time you leave. It’s going to be difficult, and painful as a parent to see your child crying everytime you leave, but if you build a very close and trusting relationship with your child, they’ll eventually get used to the pattern of you leaving, and then coming back. Eventually, it’ll no longer be a problem for you to leave the house.



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