An Open letter to my husband's malanding co-worker

He's weak. And there's no one else who's best at complementing that part of him but me. Your closeness concerns me and those closest to us...

Maybe you're just being nice. Maybe you're just that friendly. I'm sure you're a good person and it is to that goodness that I'm appealing to: Please back off.

He is my husband. I am his wife. We are who should be complementing each other. We did not spend all these years loving each other and supporting each other just so we can allow our marriage fall apart easily.

He might have his weakness and he might have needs, and you might think you can and should help, but hold that thought — because you and I know, if there is one person who could and should be there for him, it's me. Just me.

Your closeness concerns me, and even those closest to us. You'll know what I mean if you are in my shoes, and I bet you, you will feel uneasy. So let me tell you this again: back off.

I know I have yet to find proof, but sometimes a woman's instinct is enough...

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My husband may be cheating on me with you, or maybe not—I hope not, and I know I have yet to find proof. But one thing's for sure, a woman's instinct is enough to know what it is that you, as a woman yourself, are doing. And to be perfectly honest, I'm not writing to you because I lack trust in my husband, it's you I don't trust.

Please know your place. You're still a woman, and God knows we share the same value that He has given each one of us.

Love yourself, know your worth. Don't waste all those efforts on someone you will never have.

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Don't wreck a home. Mind you, it will take more than a hammer with a lean and sexy body to bring my whole family down. We've placed so much love, trust, dreams and aspirations as our foundation. Take note those ingredients, you might want to just build your own.

*This open letter was sent to theAsianparent Philippines by a mom, who has chosen to remain anonymous.

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