10 Places in the home that need cleaning we often overlook!

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A clean home is a happy home! These spots around the house, though unnoticed, need some attention when we're cleaning as well! Find out what they are, below!

When keeping a clean house, we tend to fall into a routine. We focus on sweeping, scrubbing spots that appear to be the dirtiest, but if we look closely, there are a lot of areas that need just as much attention, but often go unnoticed.

Here’s ten of them!

1. Door knobs and locks

If you think about it, this is one of the places your family touches on a daily basis, and so does every guest who comes into your home. Oils from hands as well as other bacteria can accumulate in these spots and you won’t even see it!

Use a disinfecting wipe or spray to clean your door knobs and locks.

2. Trash Can

Even if you often use trash can bags to line the inside of the bin, you still need to wash it out every now and then, once a week preferably, in order to avoid bacteria from building up inside it! Outdoor trash cans can emit a foul stench, too. Here’s how you can clean them effectively.

3. Gadgets

Remote controls, phones, and computers need cleaning, too! All those spaces between keys can trap oil, bacteria, and even bits of food! Cellphones, which are some of the most often used, can also be breeding grounds for bacteria. They can be causing those breakouts!

Make sure to clean gadgets thoroughly by wiping them down with disinfecting wipes and other cleaning methods.

4. Kitchen Sponge

If you thought the toilet seat was the dirtiest place in your home, think again. The kitchen sponge, which you use to wash dishes or wipe down counters, is one of the most common breeding grounds for bacteria. Make sure to clean it often–there are several ways to do this–and lock it in a sealed container. Moist sponges are most prone to bacteria buildup.

5. Hair Brushes

When keeping your hair clean, you shouldn’t just focus on choosing the right shampoo. Wash out your hairbrush with warm water and shampoo regularly. Simply pulling out hair from it isn’t enough!

10 Places in the home that need cleaning we often overlook!

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6. Curtains

This applies to window curtains and shower curtains. Mold tends to grow on the edges of shower curtains and it can eventually find its way to your bathroom’s walls. It’s important to wash them with soap and water, too!

As for decorative curtains, they often collect dust, which you and your family can inhale. Make sure to change and wash them regularly.

7. Walls and Switches

Dust, dirt, and oils collect on your walls and light switches, too! Give them a good scrub with soap or other household cleaners. Dishwashing soap or glass cleaners can work, too!

8. Toothbrush holder

This is probably one of the last things we think about. Peek into the underside of your toothbrush holder and you might be surprised to see mold buildup! Make it a habit to check and clean this regularly.

9. Reusable grocery bags

Eco-friendly cloth bags are great and easy to use, but they also require effort to clean. This is in order to make sure that they don’t accumulate bacteria from prolonged use. Make sure your groceries are safe from dirt and bacteria by washing these bags or replacing them regularly!

10. Washing machine

Washing machines need washing, too! Try using a cleaning combo of vinegar or bleach and baking soda and give its nooks and crannies a good scrubbing to make sure your laundry is truly clean at all times!

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