Parents worried about Grade 1 cut-off age imposed by DepEd

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Following the announcement of the cut-off age imposed by DepEd for grade 1 students, parents are starting to worry about their children's education and future.

In December of last year, the DepEd released an order that a child has to be six years old in order to be enlisted for Grade 1. Those who will turn six before August 31, will also be allowed to be enlisted. This cut-off imposed by DepEd has worried a few parents, who are concerned that their children might not be allowed to enroll.

Not all parents are for the cut-off age imposed by DepEd

Incoming Grade 1 students will also be provided with an LRN or a learner's reference number. This number would be kept even if the child transfers to another school.

However, not all parents are for the cut-off age. As one mother shares, "I'm worried that he won't be given an LRN (Learner's Reference Number) by his current school because they're insisting he enroll again to Kinder 2 next year. Despite their position, I will enroll my son to Grade 1 next year."

Atty. Joseph Noel Estrada, an education legal counsel, has appealed to DepEd, since not all parents would be able to let their children enroll due to financial constraints.

He says, "I'm actually appealing on behalf of the parents for DepEd to relax that rule. Kasi medyo late na, itong December lang lumabas.

"Unang effect doon sa bata, I think that's traumatic for them, they will have to repeat their subjects just because they are deficient in months. Number two, the cost to the parents," he adds.

The DepEd says that the policy has been in place since 2016

In response to the parents' worries, the DepEd has said that the policy has been in place since 2016.

Undersecretary Tonisito Umali says, "Kung hindi natin titibayan 'yang panukala na 'yan. Kahit anong deadline ilagay mo, maski ilagay natin diyan October 31st halimbawa... nako isang araw na lang November na. Ilagay mo November 30 'yan, nako po December na. 'Pag sinabi mong December, January na. Ilang buwan na lang. Hindi po pupwede 'yon."

He added that the age requirement is just right for students to start Grade 1.

"Base sa pag-aaral ay ito po 'yung edad na pinakamaganda po natin talagang tingnan para po sabihing na hinog na hinog na ang bata para mag-Kinder," he adds.



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