LOOK: Patrick Garcia's son with Jennylyn Mercado looks just like him!

LOOK: Patrick Garcia's son with Jennylyn Mercado looks just like him!

Alex Jazz is just like his father's mini me! Get to know the adorable celebrity kid a bit more, here!

Pretty much everyone had a crush on Patrick Garcia in the 90s. With his dreamy boy-next-door looks, flowy hair, and acting skills beyond his age, it’s no surprise how he rose to become one of the most memorable young matinee idols of that decade.

But, it looks like there’s a new heartthrob on the rise! And it’s none other than his son, Alex Jazz.

patrick 7

photo: Patrick Garcia Instagram

His adorable son with his former partner Jennylyn Mercado recently turned 8 years old, just a few years younger than Patrick when he starred in the critically acclaimed film Batang PX in 1997.

photos: Patrick Garcia and Jennylyn Mercado's Instagram accounts

photos: Patrick Garcia and Jennylyn Mercado’s Instagram accounts

Though Alex Jazz lives with his mom, there’s no shortage of bonding experiences between him and his dad. In fact, Patrick’s wife Nikka reached out to Jennylyn and the two frequently share photos of Jazz with his half-sisters, who are just as adorable as he is!

patrick 6 jennylyn

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Jazz seems to have inherited Patrick’s adorable geeky smile that made all the tweens and teens fall in love with him in the 90s.

photos: Pep and Jennylyn Mercado Instagram

photos: Pep and Jennylyn Mercado Instagram

This little one will surely grow up to be a heartbreaker!

patrick 2

We won’t be surprised if Jazz enters showbiz eventually! It’s in his genes!

patrick 9

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