Paula Peralejo gives birth to a baby boy!

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The actress turned blogger welcomed her first child with her husband Charlie Fernandez.

The 32-year-old actress turned blogger welcomed her first child with husband Charlie Fernandez.

Paula marked the arrival of their adorable little one, with an adorable Instagram post.

Her baby will be welcomed by a "Montessori-inspired" room without a crib, which Paula describes in more detail in an entry on her popular blog, Mama the Explorer.

"Freedom of movement is very important for children because unlike adults who just mostly use sight for everything, children learn through their five senses. Hence, creating a space where they can explore safely and freely leads to enhanced learning and understanding," she wrote.

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The new mom shared her breastfeeding must-haves---lots of pillows!

"A hospital must bring for breastfeeding: lots of pillows! Good thing we brought his nursing pillow from @babyandbeyondmanila + we had travel pillows in the car!" gushed Paula in the caption of the first photo she shared of herself holding her little one.

She also thanked the hospital where she gave birth for taking good care of her. "Highly recommend Cardinal Santos for their very kind staff (as in, wala kaming masabi - always ready to help and with a smile)," wrote Paula on Instagram. "Comfortable rooms, and their breastfeeding advocacy through the service of lactation nurses/therapists who go on rounds all day to help and teach you breastfeed. At no extra cost for each visit. Thank you, CSMC. We loved our stay here!"

On Instagram, she also shared a photo of all the inspiring messages which helped her through labor along with the promise to blog about her experience, soon.

She credited her OB for sticking to their birth plan, which she also wrote about in her blog.

It covered her preferences and wishes from the beginning of labor--like, the level of privacy and whether or not she would like anesthesia--until after delivery, which covered newborn bathing, vaccination, breastfeeding and many other topics concerning the care of her newborn.

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