6 Perks of being an older dad

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When it comes to being a parent, nothing beats having a lot of life experience! Here are 7 perks of being an older dad!

There's really no age limit when it comes to being a dad. Young, or old, it all boils down to how you handle your responsibilities as a dad, and teaching your child the important life lessons that they need.

However, being an older dad does come with a few perks. Here's a list:

1. Your kids might be smarter

Researchers found that kids who were born to older dads tend to have a higher I.Q. and tend to have a stronger focus on their interests. This means that if you're an older dad, fostering a love of learning in your child will surely make them smarter than other kids!

2. Your kids can live longer

Yup, research done back in 2012 discovered that sperm from older men can potentially produce children with longer lifespans as their sperms have longer telomeres, which protect DNA. Studies have linked longer telomeres with a longer lifespan.

3. You're much more prepared to be a dad

Of course, since you're older, you've had much more time to prepare and think about what it really means to be a father. You're more emotionally prepared to be a dad, and won't be as rattled as some younger dads.

4. Your kids will be healthier

Studies have shown that kids with older parents tend to be healthier compared to their counterparts with younger parents. They also had fewer social and emotional difficulties, and were ahead in terms of language development.

5. You're more patient

Being older means you're wiser, and you're much more patient compared to younger parents. You'll deal with tantrums much better than younger dads, and you'll also tend to punish your children less, and focus on making them learn life lessons instead.

6. You're financially stable

Older parents are actually more financially stable compared to younger parents since they'll have more time to get their finances in check. They'll also be wiser with their spending, and being financially stable means less financial problems, which leads to a happier marriage.

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