This photo proves that nursing moms are the best multitaskers alive

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No one on the planet is quite as good at multitasking as a nursing mother. This photo of a hardworking mommy at work proves it!

Moms, you know that pumping can be a chore. Obviously, you handle it with class and patience and produce ample amounts of milk for your babies. Though, the time spent pumping can be a little boring to say the least.

That's why many of you nursing moms and new mothers have probably managed to incorporate other tasks while milking in an effort to make the most of the idle time. Moms are amazing at multitasking, everyone knows that...but multitasking while you're pumping? That's next level!

To those who have never had to pump or breastfeed, seeing a mom multitasking while literally milking herself can be pretty awe-inspiring. That's why there was such an impact on social media when the mom friendly Facebook page, Breastfeeding Mama Talk, posted the following image to their Facebook page:

The woman in the photo is named Melissa Bressler. She's a mother, a radiation therapist, and a world class multitasker. In an interview with with The Huffington Post, Bressler discussed the story surrounding the photo: "My coworker walked up on this scene and was so thrilled she requested to take a picture to send to her sister because they are both so pro-breastfeeding and pumping.”

The photo gained some notoriety on the Facebook page over the past few weeks. Probably because moms everywhere know what it's like to be proficient in multitasking and how to make the most of pumping time...even at work! So far, the photo has garnered thousands of likes and shares, and has certainly made a positive impact in the breastfeeding community.

Moms are quite literally the best at keeping busy and balancing tasks. Whether they're on the job or at home, no one works harder than a mommy! This photo definitely works to drive that point home.

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