This picture speaks volumes about being a new mother

This picture speaks volumes about being a new mother

This news anchor wasn't afraid to show the internet the true face of motherhood!

Erin Kiernan, a news anchor from Iowa, has been making waves on social media as of late. On April 12th she posted a now viral Facebook post that showed her at home her with her 6-month-old son.

That may not sound too earth-shattering by any means, but Kiernan boldly snapped the photo without any makeup and while looking utterly exhausted. To many, there's nothing wrong with that. A mom working hard at home doesn't need to put on a show for anyone and should feel comfortable in her own skin while trying to rear and care for her babies.

For others, the photo was a bit much. Probably because her profession as a news anchor exposes her to the masses in a less than natural state. Many are used to seeing her coated in tons of makeup while sporting a fake smile, all the while reading written dialogue from a teleprompter and a sheet of paper.

Well, that's not how this mom wants to be known. She's proud to embrace her motherly side and wants you to see what a real woman, hard working new mom looks like.

Check out her inspiring post for yourself:

"Newsflash!", Kiernan writes in her post, "These ARE NOT pictures of the same person."

She explains in her post that, "The woman on the left is well rested, spent two hours on her hair and makeup, had a professional photographer take her picture (and photoshop it, I'm sure), and is in the 'glowing' second trimester of pregnancy."

Kiernan added, "The woman on the right got two hours of sleep (maybe), hadn't looked in the mirror, took a selfie, did not put a filter on it and is covered with spit up and drool from a teething and very crabby baby."

She ended the post by making her voice heard, "You are an idiot if you think these are pictures of the same woman."

The poignant imagery and message shows a more realistic and lifelike example of a tired mother. Mothers of newborns everywhere have been going crazy over the inspiring post. As mentioned, the post has gone viral since it was initially shared, and for good reason.

Hopefully Erin Kiernan inspired other mommies around the world to embrace who they are and to not be afraid to share the true face of motherhood!


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