Pinay domestic worker dies 4 days after going home

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The Pinay domestic worker was allegedly abused and constantly starved by her employers in Saudi Arabia. Sadly, she died only 4 days after going home to Cebu.

Pinay domestic worker Marivic Villarejo was reportedly abused and starved by her employers and passed away only 4 days after she returned home to Cebu.

The Pinay domestic worker was abused and starved by her employers

From a post on Facebook, Marivic left Riyadh last February 16. While inside an airport in Saudi, some Filipinos saw her malnourished condition, and offered to help her out.

Marivic shared that her employers didn't even pay for her plane ticket back to Cebu, and didn't even take her to the airport.

Sadly, only 4 days after leaving Saudi Arabia, Marivic passed away in Cebu.

No other details have been given regarding her employers or why she left Saudi Arabia.

We at theAsianparent Philippines express our condolences to Marivic's family.

This isn't the first time this had happened

What's most alarming is the fact that this isn't the first time that this had happened to an OFW. 

Earlier this year, the case of Joanna Demafelis, an OFW from Kuwait who was found dead in a freezer had pushed the Philippine government to ban OFWs from entering the country. 

The sudden spate of OFW deaths is very alarming since a large number of Filipinos are working abroad. We're hoping that the government takes the necessary steps in order to ensure the health and safety of our fellow Filipinos working abroad.


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