Filipino woman gives birth in a bus full of strangers

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It was an ordinary day for these commuters in Metro Manila. Little did they know that they would take part in welcoming a new baby into the world. It is encouraging and inspiring to know that the spirit of bayanihan is still alive. Read on to learn how these Filipinos worked together to help a pregnant passenger deliver her baby.

It was an ordinary day for these commuters as they pushed and shoved to squeeze into a bus plying the route Market-Market to Pacita during rush hours.

But what began as an ordinary bus ride quickly became the ride of their life as a pregnant woman passenger went into labor.

In a Facebook post, Veron Mendoza narrates how a busload of strangers helped a complete stranger giver birth to her baby while the bus was somewhere between Sucat and Alabang.

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“I’ve witnessed the Millenial version of Bayanihan,” Mendoza wrote.

“It was a heart-warming feeling for everyone who did their part... I've realized that each of us has an important role to play to be united. I think we can all learn from this experience,” Mendoza also said.

Here is her narrative:

What an experience! It's just an ordinary day turned out to be one of the most memorable experiences in riding a bus. The usual rush hour, pila, siksikan at tayuan para makauwi.

Route: Market-Market to Pacita.

While standing, I heard this couple (wife is pregnant) with their 5 year old son (I think) debating over something. I took my earphone off, it occurred to me that what they're discussing is something serious.. Found out manganganak na si Ate [lady is about to give birth]!! Husband looked worried, wife started to deliver between Sucat and Alabang.

We're not supposed to exit in Alabang, but we had to. To our surprise, she delivered her baby in Alabang- inside the bus (Worthy). Kudos to Ate na nurse who works in St. Luke's. Good thing, she was just standing beside the couple. She was able to respond immediately. We clapped to rejoice with them. Some of us prayed and some of us were in tears.

I've witnessed the Millennial version of Bayanihan:

The driver started to honk the horn to signal that we're having an emergency.

Passengers including me, gave kuya driver directions to Asian Hospital.

Passenger mommies had this brilliant thought to use the curtain in the bus as blanket to cover the pregnant woman, while delivering.

Passenger fathers initiated to help kuya kundoktor [conductor]. Never would I imagine in a real emergency pala Tatays could use their voices as a Siren.

We finally reached Asian Hospital. Doctors came to assist.

It was a heart warming feeling for everyone who did their part... I've realized that each of us has an important role to play to be united. I think we can all learn from this experience.

Kudos to these passengers. It is nice to know that the Filipino spirit of bayanihan is still alive. Congratulations on the new baby, mommy!

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