10 Pinoy herbal remedies that can boost your family's health!

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The answer to your family's health concerns can be grown in your very own home. Find out more about the best Pinoy herbs, here!

Natural remedies have been around for years, but it’s only recently that more and more families are becoming open to its benefits. Let’s take a closer look at 10 tried and tested Pinoy herbs for various ailments for the whole family.


(Cassia alata)

Also known as “ringworm bush or schrub”, akapulko has been used to treat ringworms, tinea (fungal) infections, insect bites, eczema, itching, and scabies.


(Allium sativum)

Also known as “garlic”, it serves as a Pinoy herb that reduces blood cholesterol. It is also believed to treat infections thanks to its with antibacterial, antiinflammatory, anti-cancer and anti-hypertensive properties.


(Momordica charantia)

Otherwise known as “bitter melon or gourd,” ampalaya can be cooked and is commonly added to the diet of those with diabetes mellitus. As an herbal remedy, it also treats coughs, burns, and hemorrhoids. But its wonders doesn’t stop there. It’s recently being closely examined to prove the effectiveness of its anti-cancer properties.

10 Pinoy herbal remedies that can boost your family's health!

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(Psidium guajava)

The guava is a Pinoy herb which can prevent inflammation, spasms, allergies, infection, cough, diabetes, and liver complications.


(Vitex negundo)

Now available in capsule form, this natural herb has proven to be effective in battling cough, colds, and fever. It’s also helpful in easing the symptoms of asthma, rheumatism, boils, pharyngitis, dyspepsia, and diarrhea.

Tsaang Gubat

(Ehretia microphylla Lam)

This herb, which is also called “wild tea,” is effective in treating skin allergies, like scabies, eczema, and it also relieves wound itching after childbirth.

10 Pinoy herbal remedies that can boost your family's health!

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(Quisqualis indica L.)

This vine, which is also known as “Chinese honey suckle, is effective in fighting intestinal parasites.


(Blumea balsamifera)

Also known as “Ngai camphor or Blumea camphor,” this Pinoy herb is used to treat kidney stones, wounds, cuts, rheumatism, diarrhea, cough, colds, and hypertension.

Ulasimang Bato or Pansit-Pansitan

(Peperomia pellucida)

This herb has been the go-to remedy of those suffering from arthritis and gout for decades.

Yerba Buena

(Clinopodium douglasii)

Also widely known as Peppermint, this herb acts as a pain reliever for those with body aches or pain resulting from conditions like gout and rheumatism. Yerba Buena can also be used to treat insect bites as well as cough and colds.

You can enjoy the benefits of these herbs by using it in tea or by applying the leaves directly on the skin as a tincture. But if you have no time to search for or grow actual plants, you can always look for herbal capsules, supplements, and ointments with these herbs as their components to still enjoy the wonders of these ancient herbal remedies!

sources: Medical Health Guide, Philippine Herbal Medicine

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