Policeman in Iloilo charged for allegedly raping 15-year-old

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The police officer allegedly took advantage of the 15-year-old when the household left to celebrate the Dinagyang festival.

PO2 Herbert Padernal Jr. was charged for allegedly raping his 15-year-old house helper.

He didn't show up for work after the incident

According to the victim, she was initially hired to look after the suspect's wife.

She said that the suspect raped her when all of the other members of the household went to the Dinagyang Festival. When they were alone in the house, that's when she said that he had molested her.

SPO2 Jerald Demonteverde, who was the officer-in-charge for Barotac Nuevo, shared that he had ordered the suspect to report for work after they received the complaint, but he didn't.

The suspect is now under restrictive custody

On February 1, about 9 days after the incident, the suspect has reported to the Barotac Nuevo police station where he was relieved of his service firearm, and was also relieved from his assignment as driver of the station's patrol car and security of the Barotac Nuevo City Hall.

Senior Superintendent Harold Tuzon, the provincial police director said that he relieved the suspect while the investigation is ongoing.

How can we protect children from sexual abuse?

Sexual abuse against children is a large problem. This is why parents need to take steps in order to ensure that children are always kept safe from any danger, including sexual abuse. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Teach your children to speak up when someone is making them feel uncomfortable or unsafe.
  • Talk to your kids about what constitutes abuse, and what they can do as kids to protect themselves.
  • Know the signs of sexual abuse in children; these include changes in behavior, habits, or emotions.
  • Listen to kids. Never discount any accusations of sexual abuse coming from children. Parents need to be more reactive and trusting of their kids, since it's their safety and well-being that's being put on the line.

Source: philstar.com, thedailyguardian.net, panaynews.net, d2l.org

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