Poten Cee for Pregnant: The Best Vitamin C Brand to Buy During Pregnancy

Poten Cee for Pregnant: The Best Vitamin C Brand to Buy During Pregnancy

A lot of Cs are important during pregnancy. Care, comfort, and most especially Vitamin C. A leading brand Poten Cee for pregnant, gotcha!

Generally, Vitamin C (Poten Cee for pregnant) has a significant role in the body. As a matter of fact, healthy blood vessels, teeth, skin, cartilage, and other body tissues must be maintained. Secondly, It also acts as a protective barrier for your body's cells. Hence, it is known to be an antioxidant.

Basically, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), which is used to prevent or treat low vitamin C levels, is utilized when a person does not get enough vitamin C in their diet.

In general, the majority of people who eat a regular diet don't need extra ascorbic acid. Additionally, low vitamin C levels have been linked to the disease scurvy. Chiefly, the signs of scurvy can include a rash, exhaustion, muscle weakness, joint pain, or tooth loss.

All in all, if you want to increase your immunity during the cold and flu season, you might be wondering whether it's safe or necessary to take vitamin C pills while pregnant.

As a result,  for the majority of expectant mothers, getting the recommended quantities of vitamin C through diet and a quality prenatal vitamin is rather simple.


Importance of ascorbic acid

You require vitamin C, often referred to as L-ascorbic acid, on a daily basis, and pregnancy is no exception. Since the human body is unable to store vitamin C, you must obtain a fresh amount from food each day.

Vitamin C is essential for both mother and fetus during pregnancy. It aids in bone and tooth development in infants as well as tissue regeneration and wound healing.

Additionally, vitamin C promotes the body's manufacture of collagen, supports immunity, and, on top of all that, enhances iron absorption.

It's crucial to make sure you're getting enough vitamin C when you're expecting because some studies have found a correlation between preeclampsia and low levels of vitamin C in the blood during pregnancy.


What is Poten Cee for pregnant?

Ascorbic Acid (Poten-Cee) is a Vitamin C brand that offers a variety of products to suit various needs, ages, and lifestyles.

It is crucial for the creation of collagen, which is necessary for good skin and hair, and it helps increase protection against colds, the flu, and other upper respiratory illnesses.


Best products of Poten Cee for pregnant

Product Category
Poten-Cee + Zinc 10s Best with Zinc
Poten-Cee + ZN Advance 100s Best with Zinc + Cholecalciferol
Poten-Cee Sugar Coated 20s Best for Sweet Tooths
Poten-Cee Sugar Free 100s Best for Sugar Intolerants
Poten-Cee Chewable 20s Best for Easy Swallow

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Poten-Cee + ZN (Ascorbic Acid + Zinc)

Best with Zinc

Poten-Cee + ZN (Ascorbic Acid + Zinc) | Poten Cee for Pregnant

Vitamin C, found in Poten-Cee + ZN, contributes to the body's natural defenses by supporting a number of immune system processes. It also contains zinc, which helps to stop viruses and other microorganisms from entering the body and from spreading.

Together with a healthy diet, way of living, and regular exercise, this helps to increase your immunity against a variety of health risks.

Take this Poten Cee for pregnant women as prescribed by your doctor, up to one dose every day. The Poten Cee for pregnant mothers is offered by Mediclick at Lazada.

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By removing the need to leave the house and prepare for long lineups, it aims to improve the drugstore experience for Filipinos. They run a national logistics network with numerous warehouses spread out across the nation.

This company can offer personalized services including automated subscriptions, consultations with medical specialists, and diagnostic testing in addition to the ease of online purchasing for affordable healthcare and pharmaceutical products.


Poten-Cee + ZN Advance (Ascorbic Acid + Zinc + Cholecalciferol)

Best with Zinc + Cholecalciferol

Poten-Cee + ZN Advance (Ascorbic Acid + Zinc + Cholecalciferol) | Poten Cee for Pregnant

Vitamin C, which is present in Poten-Cee + ZN Advance, supports the immune system's diverse tasks while enhancing the body's natural defenses.

It contains zinc, which helps to stop viruses and other microorganisms from entering the body and preventing their growth.

Second, it incorporates Vitamin D3's health advantages, which aid in stimulating the immune system so that it can more effectively combat viruses. Additionally, vitamin D3 controls the immune response of the body to help stop abrupt, hazardous inflammations that can harm internal organs.

Each capsule has 1000 IU of vitamin D3, 70 mg of zinc gluconate, and 562.43 mg of sodium ascorbate. This is equivalent to 10 milligrams of zinc and 500 mg of ascorbic acid.

This medication includes vitamins D3, C, and Zinc. Together, vitamin C and zinc support immune system function and the body's built-in antioxidant defense against potentially harmful free radicals.

Zinc has a significant impact on how well cells can repeat their DNA, which is necessary for cell division. Zinc is therefore necessary for healthy growth, cell renewal, and cell repair.

Additionally, serving as cofactors of the enzymes involved in collagen synthesis and production are zinc and vitamin C.

This aids in boosting your immunity against numerous health dangers, along with a good diet, lifestyle, and exercise.

Take one dose of this Poten Cee for pregnant women every day, or as directed by your physician.


Poten-Cee Sugar Coated 20s

Best for Sweet Tooths

Poten-Cee Sugar Coated 20s | Poten Cee for Pregnant

For the sweet toothed moms-to-be out there, choose the sugar-coated PotenCee for pregnant people. This tablet is simple to take and hides the ascorbic acid's sour taste.

The ascorbic acid in Poten-Cee Sugar Coated is disguised by a special coating, making it easier to swallow. 2-3 pills daily is the recommended dosage for improved resistance to the cold and flu.


Poten-Cee Sugar Free 100s

Best for Sugar Intolerants

Poten-Cee Sugar Free 100s | Poten Cee for Pregnant

In contrast, if you want to lessen your sugar intake during pregnancy, PotenCee for pregnant women has Poten-Cee Sugar Free. Without the sugar coating, vitamin C is available as Poten-Cee Sugar Free.

For those following a sugar-restricted diet, this variation is perfect. To hide the bitter taste of ascorbic acid and make it easier to swallow, it is made as a candy-coated tablet.

Moreover, without the sugar coating, vitamin C is available as Poten-Cee Sugar-Free. For those following a sugar-restricted diet, this variation is perfect. Hence, you still achieve "The Beauty of Immunity Every Day".


Poten-Cee Chewable 20s

Best for Easy Swallow

Poten-Cee Chewable 20s | Poten Cee for Pregnant

Poten-Cee Chewable vitamin C is designed for users who are always on the go or who have trouble swallowing tablets.

It is a Poten Cee for pregnant variation that is portable and simple to take even without water. These palatable chewables offer nutrients that promote pregnancy.

Even while chewable vitamins are frequently advertised for kids, adults can also benefit greatly from taking them.

Chewable supplements are an excellent option if you want to take a multivitamin but find it difficult to swallow tablets.

They are sweet, simple to eat, typically simpler to digest, and frequently have smaller amounts of vitamins. Keep youngsters away from them since they might want to devour them like sweets.

Chewable vitamins are the best option if you have trouble swallowing capsules or pills.

You won't have to suffer through a capsule's sometimes unpleasant taste as it begins to dissolve in your tongue or gagging to take a tablet. The vitamin can simply be chewed and swallowed.

Although it is not necessary, the University of Maryland Medical Centre advises that you drink 1 cup of water after taking a chewable vitamin to aid in your ability to completely assimilate the contents.

Chewables often taste good and have a fruity flavour, so you shouldn't hate eating them. You can get gummy chewables or pressed tablets, which are frequently marketed as vitamins for kids.


Price Comparison Table: Poten Cee for Pregnant

Product Price
Poten-Cee + Zinc 10s ₱78.95
Poten-Cee + ZN Advance 100s ₱1,755.82
Poten-Cee Sugar Coated 20s ₱125.66
Poten-Cee Sugar Free 100s ₱609.23
Poten-Cee Chewable 20s ₱135.42

Note: Each item and price is up to date as of publication. However, an item may be sold out or the price may be different at a later date.


Proper intake of Poten Cee for pregnant

Women who are 19 years of age or older who are pregnant should aim for roughly 85 mg of vitamin C daily.

To put this into perspective, a 6-ounce glass of orange juice and 1 cup of strawberries will provide more than twice as much vitamin C as you need each day.

You'll be well on your way if you try to eat three servings a day of fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamin C.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) does not advise adding an additional vitamin C supplement to your prenatal since the most recent evidence on taking vitamin C while pregnant is conflicting and sparse.

Ask your doctor if a vitamin C supplement is good for you if you're unsure that you're getting enough vitamin C through diet.

You should be more than covered by eating a healthy, balanced diet that includes many foods high in vitamin C and taking a prenatal vitamin.


Warnings in drinking Poten Cee for pregnant

When used at doses recommended by the FDA, ascorbic acid has been classified by the FDA as pregnancy category A.

Pregnancy category C has been ascribed to doses above the advised dietary intake (RDA). There haven't been any reported animal experiments.

There are no controlled studies on pregnancy in humans. The use of ascorbic acid during pregnancy is only advised when the benefits outweigh the risks.

High ascorbic acid dosages taken during pregnancy have been linked to conditional scurvy in newborns. Additionally, human breast milk is expelled ascorbic acid.

Chiefly, unknown consequences may occur in nursing infants. Hence, when giving ascorbic acid to breastfeeding mothers, the manufacturer advises using caution.


Other names of ascorbic acid

Basically, ascorbic acid is also known as: 

  • Acerola C
  • Ascocid
  • Ascor, Ascor L 500, Ascor L NC 
  • Ascot
  • Betac 
  • C-Time 
  • C/Rose Hips 
  • Cecon
  • Cee-500
  • Cemill
  • Cenolate
  • Centrum Singles-Vitamin C
  • Cevi-Bid
  • Dull-C
  • Ester-C 
  • Fruit C 
  • Mega-C-Acid Plus
  • Protexin
  • Sunkist Vitamin C
  • Vasoflex HD
  • Vita-C
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin C with Rose Hips


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