Potty train your child in just a week with these steps!

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Read on to learn more about the techniques that one mother used in order to potty train her child in only a week!

Mother Christine Coppa shares some of her tips on how she managed to potty train her toddler in a week!

1. Do it in sessions

Potty training in sessions can help make it easier for your child to learn how to use the potty. You can try training your little one in the morning and in the afternoon for a few hours.

You can do this by letting your child eat, drink, or play, but every 15 minutes, put your child on the potty to train them. You can do this for a couple of days, but on the third day you can try doing it for the whole day so that your child knows how and when to potty.

2. Try out 'naked time'

Let your child walk around naked, or without their diaper. Once they have to go potty, they'll try and figure out where they can do it, since they no longer have a diaper with them. That's when you take out the potty and let them do their business. This way, they can learn that if they're not wearing diapers, they need to go to the potty.

3. Give your little one a reward

Rewards, such as small candies or treats can be helpful in motivating your child to use the potty.

4. Sing your child praises when they use the potty

Aside from treats, you can also give your child praises as a reward whenever they use the potty. Sometimes, it motivates them even more since they hear a verbal reward from you.

5. Inform your child's teacher

If your child goes to preschool, you need to inform their teacher that you're doing potty training so that your child's teacher would be aware of what to do since you're potty training your child. It's important to be consistent, so informing your child's teacher does help a lot.

6. Show them how to do it

No, you don't have to do your business in front of your child to show them how to do it. But you can instruct them by showing a demonstration of how to use the potty or the toilet. This is especially helpful since it's better for kids to actually see how a potty is used.

7. Limit their liquids before bedtime

A good way of avoiding accidents would be to limit your child's liquid intake before their bedtime. That way, they won't get used to wetting the bed, since they might be afraid to wake you up when they have to use the bathroom at night.

Source: parenting.com

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