Anemia during Pregnancy

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Worried about having anemia during pregnancy? Read on to find out more about the condition and it's simple solution.

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Blood is the only viable life-maintaining fluid in the human body. As it runs its course through an extensive network of veins, arteries, and thinner capillaries, it also pumps life into all the body’s organs. Blood contains hemoglobin red blood cells that transport oxygen throughout the body. Blood loss or a decline in red blood cells count can diminish the capacity of the blood to carry oxygen, reducing the amount of oxygen that the organs receive through it. Such a condition is called anemia.

Anemia during Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the body goes through a myriad of changes. One of these is the increase in blood volume by about 50%. With the surge of blood in the body, the concentration of the red blood cells is diluted. Lack of iron increases the likelihood of getting anemia during pregnancy. The simple solution to anemia during pregnancy is to increase your iron intake, both through supplements and iron-rich foods.

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