Iron Supplements during Pregnancy

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Iron Supplements during Pregnancy may be necessary for majority of women. There is no fixed amount of iron that you may require when you are pregnant.

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Iron Supplements during Pregnancy

Anemia is a common occurrence during pregnancy, and for a lot of women, iron supplements are necessary especially during the second and third trimester. There is no fixed amount of iron required during pregnancy. The amount of iron you need is directly related to the amount of iron you have stored in your body and the amount that your bone marrows are capable of producing.

For women who are non-vegetarian, iron supplements are not required in the first trimester. Their daily requirements are met by their diet and there is no need for more. During the early period of pregnancy, a blood test is usually requested by an obstetrician to establish an expecting mother’s blood count baseline. If your blood count is normal, you might not need any iron supplements until your seventh month when the increased blood level causes iron deficiency.

To maximize the benefits of iron supplements, avoid drinking milk since calcium can prevent your body from absorbing iron.


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