Leaking Breasts during Pregnancy

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Leaking Breasts during Pregnancy : Some women may experience this leaking of breasts early on in their pregnancy.

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Leaking Breasts during Pregnancy

Some women find they have leaking breasts early on in their pregnancy. However, others experience it much later, and some do not at all. Sometimes, one of your breasts may leak and at other times, both your breasts may start leaking. All of these are normal. The thick, yellowish fluid that leaks from the breasts during pregnancy is not milk, but its precursor, colostrum. Rich in nutrients, colostrum is the best food for babies during the first few days when breast milk has not yet come in.

During the third trimester, you might notice that your bra has a yellowish crust. You may be like other expecting mothers who have a lot of discharge. You might need to wear breast pads if you are uncomfortable with it.

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