Round Ligament Pain during Pregnancy

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Round Ligament Pain during Pregnancy : Feel a sharp pain or dull ache in your abdomen? Find out when to get off your feet & when to call your practitioner.

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Round Ligament Pain during Pregnancy

Although pregnancy is beautiful, there are quite a few discomforts and pains associated with it. Expecting mothers tend to have backaches, hip aches, and round Round ligaments are soft tissues that surround the uterus. As the uterus grows, the ligaments get stretched. Though they do thicken and try to support the growing uterus as much as they can, the ligaments may occasionally cause some pain. Round ligament pain is a brief sharp stabbing pain that a pregnant woman might experience in the groin region or the lower abdomen. This pain is usually sharp, though some women even experience pain which is a little dull. Round ligament pain usually starts in the second trimester and is felt most when you change position all of a sudden.

Some of the usual movements that may cause round ligament pain are coughing, standing, sitting, or rolling over in the bed. The pain may be felt on either side, or even both sides, of the abdomen.

• See a massage therapist, chiropractor or acupuncturist

• Take a warm bath

• Try a pregnancy support belt

• Change positions slowly to prevent the ligaments from contracting as much

• Shift your position to the opposite side of the pain

If pain persists despite following the suggestions above, visit your doctor.


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