Skin Care during Pregnancy

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Skin Care during Pregnancy: There are chemicals in the cosmetics that you use that are normally not harmful, but can be when pregnant.

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Skin Care during Pregnancy

During pregnancy, you have to be extra careful with what you eat as well with what you put on your skin. There are various chemicals in the cosmetics that you use everyday on your skin that normally are not harmful, but they can be pretty dangerous when you are pregnant. Some of the chemicals contained in these skin care products are toxic and can lead to complications in your pregnancy.

Some of the anti-ageing moisturizers are especially dangerous to use during pregnancy. Though these can help you reduce wrinkles and smooth fine lines, they contain harmful chemicals like retinoids, which can be harmful for the growing fetus. Excessive vitamin A taken either orally or applied on the skin can cause birth defects in the unborn baby. Some creams, especially those used to treat acne, contain salicylic acid, which can cause various complications in the pregnancy. Some of the other cosmetic products like exfoliants may also contain salicylic acid in the form of beta hydroxyl acid.

If you have used a product that contains one of the potentially harmful ingredients noted above, keep calm and stop using it. Consult your doctor for safer skin care alternatives.

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