What do your strange pregnancy dreams really mean?

What do your strange pregnancy dreams really mean?

Surprisingly, having 'weird' or strange dreams while you're pregnant is pretty common. Read on to find out what those strange dreams means!

Dreams are a doorway into our subconscious mind. That's why your dreams can actually tell a lot about your current mental state, or if there's anything on your mind.

And during your pregnancy, chances are that you've had some dreams which are pretty strange, and it's pretty common to have those dreams during your pregnancy. However, have you ever wondered what those dreams mean? Here's some insight into those strange dreams that you've been having:

1. Dreaming about your baby's gender

A lot of people say that if you dream a lot of 'boy' things such as cars, sports, then chance are, you'll give birth to a boy. Others say that if you have more 'feminine' dreams, then you'll give birth to a girl.

In reality, no one can predict their child's gender. The only way to know would be to get it checked through an ultrasound, or wait until you give birth. The fact that you're dreaming about your child's gender simply means that you're eager to find out if you're going to have a baby girl, or a baby boy. It's your mind's way of expressing your subconscious thoughts.

2. Dreaming about giving birth

Dreams about birth, even strange ones such as giving birth in weird places, or in front of your friends and family can mean one of two things.

First, you might be scared or worried about your birth, which is pretty common for first time mothers. Second, it could simply mean that you're very excited to finally give birth and meet the new addition to your family!

3. Dreaming about rain, or water

This one usually happens during the first trimester, since dreaming about floods, rain, water, or anything similar means that your body is getting used to the amniotic fluid that's building up inside your womb.

It means that your body is slowly starting to become aware of your birth, and it shows in your dreams. Other times, some pregnant women will have dreams about rushing water, or a breaking dam, especially when they're close to their due date. This means that they're excited about giving birth, and it shows in their dreams.

4. Dreaming about your baby's face

For some moms, imagining what their babies will look like is one of the most exciting things. Will the baby look like their dad, or will it look like them? Maybe a combination of different features?

That's why when you dream about your baby, it doesn't necessarily mean that what you're seeing in your dream is what your baby will look like. Most likely, you're dreaming about your baby's face because you're looking forward to finally seeing what your baby looks like.

5. Dreams about your husband leaving you, or you leaving your husband

It might be sad to think about, or maybe considered a nightmare, but dreaming about leaving your husband, or if you dream that your husband leaves you is actually pretty normal.

This symbolizes your fears that your husband's love might change for you once you have the baby. It's not always a bad thing, since it's common for new moms to have those types of thoughts, especially since their hormones are all over the place cause of the pregnancy.

Just know that no matter what, having a child will only make your bond stronger, and surely your husband would love taking care of both you, and your newborn child.

6. Dreaming about feeling trapped

Sometimes, even the most excited parents can have some fears about having a child. Dreaming about feeling trapped can potentially mean that subconsciously, you might have second thoughts, fears, or apprehension about becoming a parent.

Don't fret, since this is totally normal. Everyone has fears about big changes in their lives, and having a child is a huge deal.

7. Dreaming about flying or traveling

Having dreams about flying or traveling usually happens when you're close to having your child. These dreams basically say that you're ready to take the leap and go somewhere new, in this case, the unknown territory of being a parent.

Being a parent can be fun, exciting, and scary all at the same time, but we're sure that when you finally give birth to your child, happiness will always be the prevailing emotion in your mind.

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