The Last Month!

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Got your stuff ready by the door? By this time, you're almost ready to pop! So what's about to happen, and what should you prepare?

10th month of pregnancy:

Got your stuff ready by the door? By the 10th month of pregnancy, you’re almost ready to pop! By now, you’ve probably already gone over the fastest route to your hospital. Baby supplies! Yes, the hospital will be giving you some supplies so it’s best to call and ask what they’re giving so you can avoid buying the same things. Don’t forget to get a few baby clothes. For this, it is preferable to get cotton clothes and try not to get anything with buttons or collars.

What Is Happening With Your Baby

Pregnancy stage : Last month!

What Is Happening With Your Baby?

By this time, your little baby has full development in the brain. The clarity of his vision has increased. His heart, liver, lung, stomach, kidney and other organs have been developed too.

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