Pregnant and Traveling - 4 Tips to Know

Pregnant and Traveling - 4 Tips to Know

Read expert babymoon tips from mommy Monica Eleazar-Manzano of, who travels the world with her tots in tow.


There is a term for pregnant traveling and it is called “Babymoon”. Couples take their final chance of traveling together with their baby bump in tow to celebrate their last few months as husband and wife before baby arrives! I think it is an awesome concept.

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While others choose not to travel during their pregnancies because of being high risk or just because of fears, my itchy mama feet doesn’t stop me! My husband and I would frequent the beach during both my pregnancies. I’ve also traveled to Shanghai, Beijing and Negros in the Philippines without knowing I was even pregnant!

I was 3 months pregnant in San Francisco on my way to LA.


And then traipsed all over Venice beach, too!


Here are a few of my traveling tips for pregnant mamas:

1. Do get a medical certificate from your doctor and make several copies  just in case the airline needs it. If you aren’t showing, they most likely will not ask for one but if they suspect you are pregnant, most airline companies ask for it. Better to be on the safe side.

2.  Remember to bring snacks with you especially on long-haul flights! If you’re anything like me when pregnant, I do not stop eating! Healthy snacks like nuts, dried fruit are handy and nutritious.

3. Pre-purchase your ideal seat location beforehand or request a seat close to the toilet. The growing fetus presses on your internal organs, including the bladder, which causes frequent urination. While some women choose not to drink liquids during flight (to lessen the chance of using the plane’s toilet!), I always keep myself hydrated so… I choose a seat close to the loo! You should, too!

4. Circle your joints! I’m a yoga teacher so I know how  bad it is to be sitting on your butt for the duration of the flight. One of the wasiest ways to increase circulation in the body is to circle your joints – whether it is your ankles, knees, wrists, neck, etc. Do it while seated or while waiting in line for your turn in the loo.

Have you done a babymoon? I would love to hear how your trip went! Share some of your tips, too!

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