“It’s not kidney stone, you are 38 weeks pregnant!” doctors tell this mom

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A mom was pleasantly shocked when what she thought were kidney stones turned out to be a full-term baby!

Pregnancy is universal. However, no two pregnancies are alike. And this was proven right when Stephanie Jaegers from Georgia, USA accidentally found out that she was 38 weeks pregnant, just as she thought that she could have no child!

Stephanie already had three children. As the story goes, each pregnancy was increasingly more difficult then others. After her third child, she was advised not to have any more children. Soon after that, she was told that she couldn’t have any children, due to a medical condition.

A few days following her visit to the doctor, she was having discomfort in her abdomen. Her back was also hurting and she had difficulty in urinating. She thought that it could be a kidney stone. She reached the hospital. There, she was asked if she was pregnant. Clueless about her pregnancy, she told her doctor that she just had her periods that day.

The initial shock!

The doctors proceeded to perform an ultrasound, a standard procedure to detect kidney stones. However, imagine their shock when they found a baby neatly tucked near her rib cage! She was not only full term, but her water had just broken, something she thought as of her periods!

Stephanie and her husband Michael were shocked, surprised and overjoyed! However, as the reality sunk in, they thought about all the things that had gone wrong during the ‘pregnancy’. She had not taken any prenatal care. To top it, she injured her leg, and had to undergo an x-ray – a strict no-no during pregnancy.

To add to the complications, the baby was in breech. As he was neatly tucked near the rib cage, she never felt his weight. But all turned out well when he was delivered. They named him Shaun.

After the birth

The story was picked up by most of the networks. The family made an appearance on a host of talk shows. Many called them ignorant, but a majority of the people extended their support to the family. A child can add a financial strain to the family. This family never had any time to prepare for the arrival.

Just a few days back, the father was seen raising a fund for the baby. If you want to help the family, you can donate here. I hope they manage to raise enough funds for Shaun’s proper care.

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