“It’s not kidney stone, you are 38 weeks pregnant!” doctors tell this mom

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A mom was pleasantly shocked when what she thought were kidney stones turned out to be a full-term baby!

Last-minute planning for your baby’s arrival


Though you may have prepared for the arrival of your baby, some of you may have not. If you have not, this is how you plan for your baby’s arrival last minute. This is not the most ideal situation, but it will keep you from panicking and let you have a stress-free delivery.

  1. Get your finances in order. You will need some immediate help when it comes to finances. If you have not made provisions, get some loans. However, be very careful where you get them from. Credit Card loans, or even partial payments are not the best of the options. You will end up paying a lot in interest. Instead, borrow the money from your parents, friends or even a bank, where you will get it at a very low rate of interest.
  2. Be frugal. A baby has very few requirements. So just ensure that you end up buying whatever your baby needs and not what you want your baby to have! Your baby does not need fancy toys right at the birth. He will need diapers, vitamins, a safe crib and a few changes of clothes and a car-seat. All other things can be purchased later.
  3. Buy pre-loved items. Besides the intimates, you can purchase most of the things that are pre-loved. This will save a lot of money, and you can use that to plan for the baby’s future.

We wish the Jaegers family a good year.

Story and image source: Babble, Facebook.

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