Premature baby girl survives meningitis, lung collapse, and a bleeding brain

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Giving birth to a preemie is hard enough, but to go through all sorts of complications is a real challenge for any parent

In an amazing tale of survival, a baby born at only 24 weeks endures a bout with meningitis, 9 lung collapses and a bleeding brain.

It was nothing short of a miracle

The baby's mother, Lisa Connor-Melville, was immediately rushed to the hospital after her water broke. In the hospital, the doctors found that Lisa had been bleeding internally, so they immediately rushed her to emergency surgery in order to save both her and her child's life.

Soon after, baby Lillian Connor-Melville was born, weighing only 610g. It was nothing short of a miracle

However, Lisa then had a hemorrhage and lost 5 liters of blood, and as a result, had to go into surgery for a second time.

Sadly, baby Lillian soon contracted meningitis along with a host of other conditions which include a bleeding brain and 9 lung collapses.

Keep strong and never look negative

Thankfully, Lillian seems to be recovering slowly but surely. Her mother wrote on her gofundme page that she's starting to breastfeed and that they are hopeful that Lillian will be making a full recovery.

The family has spent the last 70 days at Ronald McDonald house since they are unable to pay for the hospital bills. Both Lillian and her husband are unemployed so they started a gofundme page so that they can have enough money to support their family.

In spite of these challenges, Lisa is keeping positive. She shares, "Keep strong and never look negative. If you get down the baby senses it too. If you have bad day that will affect your baby. If you stay strong they will feel that too."

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