4 Ways prioritizing your wife over your kids can make you a better dad

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Putting your wife above your kids may sound like bad advice, but hear us out! Here's why making your wife a higher priority can make you a better parent

Before you raise your eyebrows, wait a second. Prioritizing your wife over your kids can actually be a good thing! How? It can help make you a better parent to your beloved kids. It can provide them with a loving foundation and create an environment where they’re loved, cherished, and free to grow into their best selves.

Here’s how.

1. Prioritizing your wife helps your kids see what a healthy, loving relationship looks like

Seeing you happy, in love, and constantly caring for your wife models what they should expect out of relationships in the future. A recent study published in the Scientific American believes those in happy marriages raise happier kids. In fact, being affectionate with your spouse and spending quality time (or dating) helps kids feel love and affection, too. The same goes for other relationships in your life, keeping it positive helps equip kids with the skills to build healthy friendships and romantic relationships when they grow up.

2. Prioritizing your wife helps you create a loving, harmonious home

Imagine a home where both parents are constantly on edge, lashing out at each other at the slightest provocation. It doesn’t take a study to show how damaging it can be. Making your wife a priority means striving to resolve conflict in a loving, healthy way. If you’re at peace with your wife, your home is free from tension and argument, making it truly a place where kids feel safe and secure.

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3. Prioritizing your wife helps kids grow up to be less entitled and self-centered

Of course, giving your kids the best is important; it’s what parents strive for. But it’s also equally vital that you keep them from growing up entitled. Allowing to feel like they’re always the center of attention could reinforce self-centeredness, which won’t be good for them in the long run.

Shower them with love, yes, but also teach them the importance of limits, following rules, and being considerate of others. Not only will you be able to raise less entitled kids, you can also teach them what true kindness and compassion means at a young age.

4. Prioritizing your wife improves your present and future life

Before your kids came into your life, it was only you and your spouse. You planned your life together, eagerly anticipating the arrival of your firstborn. Then, you became parents and you made room for this precious little one in your home and in your heart. But it’s important not to lose sight of how important your wife is and to not forget to let her feel that.

Long after your kids have moved on to build families of their own, who will be by your side? Prioritizing your wife now ensures that you’re building a strong foundation for a lasting, happy marriage, which is truly a future worth looking forward to.

Do you agree, dads? Is there anything you’d like to add to this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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