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Beach Hut Kids SPF 100 Sunscreen Lotion

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  • Details Beach Hut Kids SPF100 Lotion Sunscreen is a light and moisturizing sunblock that provides extreme sun protection against sunburn and skin damage. It i
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5 out of 5
Daily skin protection from UV
My toddler loves to go outside. Before he goes out, i make sure that we don’t forget to apply his beach hut kids spf 100. We apply it on his face and body even in a cloudy day. The sun might be hiding but UV is still present.See more
100% kid’s skin is protected.
This is the brand that I use but I prefer the spray bottle type. Hypoallergenic ito so assured na safe sa delicate skin ng anak ko. My son loves swimming. Hindi sya umaahon mula umaga ang hapon. And good thing na gamit ko to bago sya magbabad kasi hindi sya talaga nagkakasunburn after.See more
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