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Orange and Peach Sunblock for Babies and Kids SPF 50

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  • Details Orange and Peach Sunblock for Babies and Kids help protect your little one’s from the sun’s harmful rays so they can have fun under the sun. Our sunbl
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4 out of 5
Cool and Protected
Orange and Peach sunblock is the very first sunblock that I bought for my little one. It is multipurpose because the whole family use it as well. We really love the cooling effect when we apply the product on our skin, so refreshing!. The sunblock has a little bit of fragrance but we did not experience any side effects. It has white cast so it takes a few minutes to blend the cream on the skin. This product is our go-to sunblock and not to mention it is very affordable.See more
Baby sunblock
Its okay to my baby skin he does not have rashes on this cream.
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