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Cofoe Medical Varicose Veins Socks Compression
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Tips: It is recommended that users over 45 years old choose the freshman size, because the elderly have poor pressure ability and higher sensitivity, and the freshman size will be more comfortable. If you can't grasp the size, please contact customer service before buying Please personally measure the three dimensions of the leg before buying 【Highlights】 Postoperative repair care Leggings were thin Breathable and not stuffy Prevention and mitigation Adjuvant therapy Beautiful leg shaping Imported equipment production Medical grade progressive pressure design Cycle decompression 360° surround press Selected fabrics for comfort and no restraint High resilience without deformation 3D streamlined slim fit Comfortable and breathable Arched instep 【How to wear】 1 If you wear elastic stockings often, you must first trim your nails to ensure that the socks will not be scratched. The socks themselves are knitwear and are easy to scratch 2 Put socks on your feet (open-toed socks) and turn the sock tube from inside to outside, down to the heel, that is, except for the bottom of the socks, the inside of the elastic stockings must face outwards 3 Use both hands to slightly open the elastic stockings, start putting on from the toes, and slowly pull them to the heels, paying attention to the toes and heels that can fit the same part of the socks 4 Slowly turn the socks back to the front so that they smoothly slide over the ankles. Use the waist strength to pull the socks up and adjust them so that the front of the ankles is smooth and wrinkle-free, and the toes are not too tight 5 After placing the whole sock tube above the ankle, immediately put both thumbs into the sock tube, and press the "2" shape to massage and stretch the sock to the leg 6 Repeat steps 2-5, put the socks on the other foot in a "Z" shape, and then lift the socks to the waist at the same time 【Recommendations】 Wear no more than 3 hours a day for the first time, and gradually increase the length of time after adapting Take off before going to bed at night, do not wear varicose vein stockings to sleep Avoid hard pulling when wearing. Please trim your nails in time to avoid nail damage It’s normal to feel uncomfortable at the beginning, but I will gradually adapt after wearing it for a few days 【Washing instructions】 Do not machine wash, do not expose to the sun, and air dry
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