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Mediqtto Cooling Compression Leggings
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"MediQtto is rooted in medical stockings developed in the U.K. The compression pressure is set based on British standards. Simply wear them and your legs will be shaped just right. [Product Description] MediQtto ranks No. 1 for eight consecutive years. *Cool compression wear market, Cumulative sales volume of all MediQtto cool products, April 2012-August 2019 MediQtto for Sleep Time, Super Cool, Leg Care & Pelvic Support for summer use Provides leg care and pelvis support while sleeping, perfect for summer. MediQtto for Sleep Time, Super Cool, Pelvic Support, Spats. ■Specifically designed for bedtime use. Pelvic support tape (ankle 21 hPa, calf 16 hPa, thigh 11 hPa, pelvic care) *The hectopascal (hPa) is the international unit for measuring pressure. Function 1: Graduated compression on the entire leg × Function 2: Pelvic support tape [Four Features of Super Cool] ●Air permeability 5.5* times higher ●Cool touch fabric ●Mesh-like knitting ●Water-absorbing and quick-drying material *Comparison of air permeability with the MediQtto for Sleep Time series [Precautions] 1. Do not use if you have a severe blood circulation disorder. 2. Consult a doctor before use if you have been treated for: diabetes, deep vein thrombosis, blood circulation disorder, congestive heart failure, inflammatory disease, neuropathy at the area of the body where you wish to wear the product, or other conditions. 3. Please be mindful of the following when wearing this product: (1) Do not wear if the size does not fit. Do not wear two pairs together. (2) Smooth out any wrinkles and distribute any extra fabric evenly so that the material lays flat against the skin. (3) Avoid any wrinkling or bunching up of the material below and behind the knee. Do not fold over elastic openings and make sure they are kept straight. 4. If you feel sick or notice any discomfort, such as pain, numbness, itching, and rash, please discontinue use immediately. 5. To prevent deformation, do not use or leave the product when twisted.
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