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Open toe Medical Compression Stocking
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Features: 1.comfortable flexible fibre 2.three layers pressure for leg 3.opening flexible designing 4. professional waving craftwork Function: Help surgery recover, relapse prevention and treatment of varicose veins. Eliminate post-operative edema, promote wound healing. Eliminate the varicose veins, venous blood flow disorders caused by swelling, pain, hardening of the skin gradually turn better, to heal skin ulcers. Prevent bedridden patients with deep vein thrombosis. Eliminate leg edema pregnant women in late pregnancy, prevent varicose veins after production and deep vein thrombosis. Combat flying economy class passenger syndrome. For prolonged standing, sitting, heavy manual workers, reduce lower limb soreness prevent varicose veins. Long-term wear on the leg muscles and fat soft press, consume leg energy, prevent sagging, improve leg line, keeping the legs shaped appearance.
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