Protect Your Home from Cockroaches

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Protect Your Home from Cockroaches: Here are some tips that you may want to use to protect your home from these creepy crawlers.

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Protect Your Home from Cockroaches

An infestation of cockroaches, especially the flying kind, is every housewife’s nightmare. There are many ways of getting rid of roaches in your house, but the kind of treatment you will use will largely depend on whether you believe in natural or commercial treatment.

A Clean House

The first step in protecting your home against cockroaches is to clean your house. An interesting thing about cockroaches is that though they can survive months without food, they need a daily supply of water to continue thriving. So try to keep your basins clean and don’t allow water to accumulate anywhere in your house. This is also a good practice to ward off mosquitoes.

Cockroaches also have a strange way of swarming. They detect droppings and usually follow the leavings of other cockroaches. If you keep your house clean of droppings, they’ll pretty much be leaving you in peace.

Boric Acid

Though insecticides still remain the most preferred way of killing cockroaches,sprinkling boric acid is also effective in poisoning cockroaches that crawl. Make sure that you put your dish of boric acid away from your child’s reach. Note, too, that boric acid is not a good idea if you have flying cockroaches in your home.

Sugar and Baking Soda

A mixture of sugar and baking soda can be used as a homemade remedy if the infestation in your home is not too bad. Fill small containers with the 1:1 mixture and put them in places where cockroaches will likely gather. Put a dish of water on the side for the pests to drink, as the combination of water and baking soda will produce gas and cause their stomachs to burst. The sugar is for attracting them.


Of course if you are not comfortable using homemade remedies, you can always use commercially available pesticides. Send the kids out of your home before beginning to clean and spray to avoid having them inhale the toxic fumes.

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