Make sure to keep your child safe from these rainy day diseases!

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The upcoming rainy season means that your child can potentially be exposed to various water-borne diseases, make sure to keep them safe.

As the rainy season is already starting, there are a lot of rainy day diseases and illnesses that kids can potentially acquire if they're exposed to rain, or flood waters. The DOH recently appealed to the public to be prepared for any illlnesses that the rainy season will bring.


W.I.L.D. stands for 4 major rainy day diseases that your child can acquire during the rainy season, most especially if they get exposed to flood waters. Here they are:

W - Waterborne diseases such as diarrhea and cholera.

- Influenza, or flu that can be brought about by the cold weather, and being exposed to rain.

L - Leptospirosis, or an infection that's brought about by dirty flood waters.

D - Dengue, which is commonly carried by dengue mosquitoes throughout the country.

It's important for parents to know these 4 main diseases that children can acquire during the rainy season as it will help them protect their kids from any infection during the rainy season.

What can parents do to prevent rainy day diseases?

Here are some tips for parents to help keep their children well away from any rainy day diseases during the coming rainy season:

  • Make sure that your kids have an umbrella and proper protection for the rainy season such as a raincoat, jacket, or boots if your home or their school is in a flood-prone area. That way, they can protect themselves from the weather.
  • Make sure that your kids have all of their antiflu vaccines, so that they won't get infected with the flu virus, especially during flu season.
  • If they wade through flood waters, make sure that they wash their feet and legs once they get home. If possible, it's best if they can take a full bath in order make sure that no bacteria from the flood will infect them.
  • As dengue mosquitoes thrive during the rainy season, make sure to dispose of any empty water containers which might serve as breeding grounds for mosquitoes.
  • If the rain is too strong, or the floods are too high, it's best to let your child stay at home to make sure that they're safe.


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