“When should you stop reading aloud to your child?”

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According to studies, most parents stop too early

Reading to you kids strengthens your relationship and helps in their development. But when should you stop reading to them? That’s the question one ParentTown user had for the community.

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Most parents stop reading aloud to their kids too early

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that parents read out loud to their kids every day until they at least reach kindergarten, and that’s when many parents on ParentTown stopped. “I stopped when he was in primary school,” Kim H. said. “That’s when he started reading to me, so I can monitor his learning and speech.”

This is consistent with the findings of Scholastic in a recent survey. They found that more than 90% of parents read to their children before the age of 6, but 23% stop reading aloud before age 9.

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These parents stopped reading to their kids so that they could encourage their kids to read independently, but many of these children didn’t want their parents to stop reading aloud to them. 8 in 10 children love being read to. They see reading as a special and fun time with mom or dad. “We normally let our 5-year-old read by himself,” wrote Mabel C. “But he still prefers to have us read to him, so he just tags along when we read to my 3-year-old.”

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