Are you ready for a second baby?

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If you are thinking about another bundle of joy to your growing brood, here are some important things to consider.

Your firstborn is growing up fast and you feel like the time has come to welcome a new addition to your family. Only you and your husband can decide when the perfect time for this would be, but before you try to get pregnant again, there are important things to consider to make sure your second pregnancy is stress-free.

How is your health?

The first consideration should be your state of health. Pregnancy can take its toll on a woman’s body, so you have to make sure you are as physically prepared, just like when you were pregnant the first time around. There’s no required time for trying again, as long as you feel well enough and your doctor has not found any condition to be concerned about, such as high blood sugar or high blood pressure, then you can start having another baby as soon as you and your husband feels it’s the right time.

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How is your financial situation?

Apart from your physical state, whether or not you are financially able to manage a second pregnancy is another important consideration. Getting pregnant requires special care and attention, and labor and delivery isn’t cheap. If you are working, you should also consider if you can afford to take another maternity leave in a short span of time. So before you jump in to planning your second baby make sure your financial status is stable enough for you not to worry too much.

What is your intended birth spacing?

Once you start a family, it would help to decide what age gap you want your kids to have. Here are some questions you can ask before planning your next pregnancy:

  • Do you find yourself wanting more kids so your firstborn has a playmate?
  • Are you prepared for those diaper changing days, sleepless nights, caring for an infant?
  • What time period would be a comfortable gap for you when spacing out pregnancies?
  • What amount of time can help you enjoy each stage of your kid’s life without distractions?
  • How many years apart do they have to be to avoid sibling rivalry?

We hope this has helped enlighten you about planning your growing family!

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