Real women share: What could be the reason for you to cheat on your spouse?

Knowing potential reasons you could possibly be unfaithful will help you avoid it before it's too late. Find out what these women had to say

In order to avoid being blindsided by infidelity, couples should be wary of certain signs, such as being overprotective of his smartphone or making calls at odd hours. Another way to guard against cheating is reflecting upon your own level of commitment.

According to a 2016 study out of Indiana University, women are just as likely to stray as men are. While men tend to downplay infidelity as simply about "sex," the study's authors claim that women tend to be more emotionally invested in a potential affair.

"Women are invested in outcomes and value the process of connection," the study's researcher Kristen Mark, Ph.D. tells Men's Health. "They feel the intensity of the affair, rather than thinking of it as inconsequential or without meaning and impact."

Over on ParentTown, a Q&A app and community for parents, an anonymous user asked an interesting question, which generated even more eye-opening answers.

"What's your reason to cheat? Lets keep aside morality and get down to brass tacks!" they asked.

In responsed, H.Q. Ng wrote: "Apart from the common reasons I've heard, for novelty, for sex, for love even.. I think one motivating factor behind cheating is when the person thinks he or she can get away with it. That the 'offender' will not get caught. The act of cheating is a conscious choice and I think there is no excuse for it."

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Mom-of-two Nooraini D. shared her own heartbreaking experience with cheating. She writes, "I've never cheated - but was countlessly cheated on simply because I was never there. Not that I was always away, but it could be the 10 - 20 minutes that I left him to go and shower and he would be on the phone texting another girl. He just needed someone to be around him 24/7 which is impossible for me and when our son came into our life and took up much of my time, he started having affairs."

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"I think when people cheat, it's mostly because they crave attention," shares Mizah S. in response. "Or they could simply be missing the feeling of being wanted. For example, when someone finds them attractive, they tend to want to "chase that opportunity" which will eventually lead to affairs. I think it all boils down to lack of affection and sexual intimacy."

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We hope you found these insights from real women helpful in making sure your relationship is cheating proof! Do share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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